An angry Senator John McCain lashed out at President Obama in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday. The Arizona Senator slammed President Obama’s inaction in Syria as the source of the crisis of refugees pouring into Europe from the Middle East.  He tore into Obama and his inactions saying “this didn’t happen by accident, it happened because of leading from behind, it

happened because this president has refused to lead and when a vacuum is created this is the predictable result.”  McCain says these people are not migrants, they are refugees from torture, murder and genocide.  This should be a call to action. 
McCain also tore into Obama’s Iran deal that he says “embodies and will likely exacerbate, the collapse of America’s global influence that is occurring under this Administration.”  McCain says he disapproves of the Iran Deal because it paves the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon. He went on to say, he disapproves of this deal “because it would legitimize the Islamic Republic as a threshold nuclear state with an industrial enrichment capability that will grow unfettered after the key terms of the deal end.”  As McCain put it, “I disapprove of the deal because it unshackles Tehran’s pursuit of conventional military power. I disapprove of this deal because it rests on the assumption—the hope, really—that in a decade or so, we may be dealing with a better Iranian regime, and yet the deal itself will likely strengthen the current Iranian regime.”


Kris Dugan