hiltA Mohave County Superior Court judge noted that seemingly conflicting sentiments were offered with regard to his recent sentencing of a convicted sex offender. Joseph Hilt, 23, Topock, previously entered a plea agreement convicting him of attempted sexual assault and luring a minor for sexual exploitation. Prosecutor Greg McPhillips said Hilt solicited a sex favor from a 13-year-old girl in the spring of 2012, before sexually assaulting her 15-year-old a couple of months later. At Hilt’s February 18 sentencing hearing the defendant’s father said that anything that happened between the parties was consensual and that Hilt had marital intentions. Judge Lee Jantzen said it was unacceptable for Hilt and his father to blame the girls. Hilt also spoke of his Christian faith. “I’ve repented to the Lord,” Hilt told Jantzen. “I pray for the mercy of the Court.” Jantzen accepted the plea agreement and imposed the seven year prison term mandated in the deal. The length of probation that Hilt would serve after prison was open to the Court with McPhillips urging lifetime supervision because the defendant also had a sex offense adjudication as a juvenile. “This isn’t his first rodeo,” McPhillips said. “This is a guy who isn’t necessarily going to learn his lesson.” Judge Jantzen rejected McPhillip’s plea for lifetime supervision. He ordered that Hilt serve ten year’s probation following his incarceration.