A 19-year-old man has been arrested for attempted to kidnap and sexually assault four women.  According to Officer James Holmes with Phoenix police, Juan Olguin grabbed a woman and started pulling her toward his car after she dropped her children off at a day car center.  The woman was able to get away

but Ernesto grabbed her arm a second time while saying “come with me.”  She was able to break free and ran to her friend’s house where she called police.  Olguin drove off, but later that same day, he grabbed a 48-year-old postal worker delivering mail.  The 19-year-old man shoved the woman back against a mailbox, grabbed her buttocks and breast while asking if she quote “liked it.”  The postal worker managed to get away and called police from her work truck.  The next day, two women outside a home witnessed Olguin masterbating near his car and recognized him from the incident the day before.  Officers quickly located Olguin in the area and arrested.  Holmes says Olguin confessed to committing the crimes to detectives and admitted to” having sexual urges and was attracted to the victims.”  Olguin is facing numerous charges including Attempted Kidnapping, Public Sexual Indecency, Sexual Abuse and Assault.

Kris Dugan