Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ushers in a new inmate uniform on July fourth. In addition to the black and white stripes, there’s also an American flag attached. Which means all prisoners are now wearing the red, white and blue every day of the year, including the non-Americans being

incarcerated. The Sheriff says the new uniforms are compulsory, unless an inmate has an objection on religious grounds.

The Sheriff began passing out the new garb during the noon hour Monday at Tent City jail. Some inmates are happy to get new, clean clothes, while many others had no comment to reporters on the flag emblazoned uniforms.

At a press conference, Arpaio introduced newly sworn-in U.S. citizen, Officer Omar Al-Marwashi, to be the first to hand out the new uniforms to inmates. His Iraqi heritage spurred reporter questions as to why Arpaio, who endorses Donald Trump for President, can support a man who’s called for a ban on Muslim immigration, which many believe is an affront to Al Marwashi. A contentious Sheriff points out his Officer came to this country legally, and told reporters to quit “twisting” Trump’s words. Al Marwashi himself came forward, arguing prejudice of any kind is wrong.

–Barbara Villa