Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s providing more information about the murder over the weekend of a three year old Youngtown boy. But he’s keeping mum on other details as the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office gets ready to interview the 16 year old suspect’s surviving brothers and sisters. Arpaio says the

teen fatally stabbed the toddler, attacked his nine year old sister, then ran from the house Saturday night.

Arpaio says deputies arrived on scene just when the teen was running away and his siblings were knocking on neighbor’s doors for help. Deputies chased the suspect until one tackled him. The Sheriff says the teen was covered in blood and there was also blood on the roadway. His 17 year old brother and four year old sibling were not hurt.

The boy is in juvenile detention, but is expected to be charged as an adult for the murder. He faces charges of Second Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault and Endangerment.

The children’s mother was at work at the time of the attacks.