America’s toughest sheriff takes on a federal judge and loses the fight.  A federal judge has ruled Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling case will be referred for criminal contempt charges.  Judge Snow, who presided over the civil contempt case, found that the sheriff and his top aides knowingly

violated a court order to stop detaining Hispanics.  Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice sent in a federal monitor to make sure everything in Arpaio’s Maricopa county office was “legit.”  The “monitor” claimed Arpaio was profiling Hispanics.  Arpaio has said, the Obama administration, which started to investigate Sheriff Joe 100 days into office, says “they want to take me to court to send a message.” Arizona is a border state with Mexico and is flooded with illegal immigrants daily.  Maricopa county has a huge Hispanic population and Arpaio says he is not profiling Latinos or singling them out.  He says the Obama administration wants to make him a “poster boy,” but Arpaio says he will not stop doing his job and put criminals behind bars, no matter the race.  Now, the case will be decided by U.S. Attorney and determine whether to charge Arpaio who says he will fight this case to the bitter end and never back down. 

Kris Dugan