Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies are strapping on a new weapon next to their guns and Tasers. Sheriff Paul Babeu touts these less lethal guns as offering the best of both worlds—delivering a powerful, no bullet hit to unarmed criminals without killing them. His decision makes his force the

first law enforcement outfit in the nation to be equipped with the new weapons.

Babeu says, instead of bullets, less lethal plastic rounds are fired, flying at a velocity of a 90 mile per hour fast ball being pitched. It knocks the suspect to the ground, giving law enforcement the break they need to subdue and capture the subject. And as the Sheriff marvels, “they live to see another day”, averting tragedy and giving them their day in court.

Babeu says the less deadly weapons can help deputies avoid opening fire on suspects running away, or subduing bad guys threatening to harm others. He says it would also help where distraught suspects manipulate police into a suicide-by-cop situation.

The Sheriff has ordered these projectile guns for 120 deputies, with the weapons costing $1,100 apiece.

–Barbara Villa