The massacre at a South Carolina church may be hundreds  of miles away from Arizona. But the Reverend Jarrett Maupin says it’s still urgent security is stepped at local black churches. And Sheriff Joe Arpaio says M-C-S-O is getting involved by beefing up patrols in historically black neighborhoods to protect worshipers.

The Sheriff says armed posse members and deputies will hit the streets this Sunday watching out for the safety of blacks going to church. Arpaio says some people may call this overkill, but Maupin quickly says, “ I don’t think so. It’s better to be safe than sorry”, and the Sheriff agrees. Arpaio says the potential is great for copy cat attacks.

But his participation in protecting the civil rights of blacks is being confronted with his record of civil rights violations against Hispanics during his immigration sweeps, for which he was found guilty and faced a contempt proceeding this year, being accused of not fulfilling the Federal court order. It’s that record that has prompted another black pastor, the Reverend Warren Stewart to reject any security offers from M-C-S-O.

Maupin says coverage may include plain clothes deputies attending church services on stakeout. The heightened security comes in light of a young white man who sat in on bible study for an hour Wednesday night before gunning down worshippers gathered at Emmanuel A-M-E church in Charleston. The 21 year old suspect, Dylann Roof, is in custody.

–Barbara Villa