Jail promotions to CorporalsSheriff Jim McCabe (center) proudly stands with (l to r) Sergeant Mike Ramirez, Lieutenant Stephen Padilla, Sergeant Jason Elsbury and Lieutenant Kristi Thompson.

 Sheriff Jim McCabe said, “It’s with great pride to promote these outstanding employees!”  Jason Elsbury and Mike Ramirez were both promoted from detectives to sergeants while Stephen Padilla and Kristi Thompson were promoted from sergeants to lieutenants.

Sheriff Jim McCabe (center) proudly stands with Detention Officers that were recently promoted to Corporals.  Left to right:  Patrick Otto, Sheriff Jim McCabe, and Andrew White.

 Patrick Otto is a two year veteran with previous law enforcement experience from the mid-west while   Andrew White is a four year veteran of the Detention Sergeants & Lieutenants PromotionsDivision.  Sheriff Jim McCabe said, “Working in the jail is one of the most difficult jobs in law enforcement.  We appreciate what you do!”