download (3)Bullhead City Police are investigating a shooting that occurred in the 700 block of Brill Drive. On Monday, October 19th at approximately 8 a.m., a 34-year-old male victim said he had received a message from a friend warning him that two men were after him due to recent conflicts. The friend told the victim that the men were on their way to the Brill Drive location. When the men arrived in a vehicle, they exchanged shots with the victim. No one was shot or injured. A house and a vehicle were struck. Police are searching for Bradley Andrew Smith, 26, and Esteban Montijo, 19, who fled the scene. Temporary felony warrants for aggravated assault were issued for their arrest. If anyone has any information about their whereabouts, please contact the Bullhead City Police Department at (928) 763-1999. The investigation is ongoing.

Bradley Andrew Smith                                               Esteban Montijo

Bradley Smith (1)Esteban Montijo (1)