The digital pickpocket is out is full force stealing information from your credit card.  According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, at least 52 credit card skimmers have been located at Arizona pumps.  Skimmers are designed to record and steal consumer’s credit and debit car information.  Skimmer have been found

in Glendale, Kingman, Surprise, Tempe, Scottsdale, Eloy, Phoenix, Chandler and 
Yuma.  You can check for skimmers by pulling on the area around the card slot or wiggle it to see if it comes loose.  If comes loose, it’s a skimmer.   Pull at any protruding parts and check if the keyboard is secured in one piece.  If the card slot or keyboard are different colors at the ATM, that’s a good clue you’re looking at a skimmer.  The best advice would be to pay inside.   

Kris Dugan