Skin Cancer Awareness Month Honored with Free Skin Cancer Screenings at 23 LA Laser and Skin Center Locations

For immediate release April 30, 2018 | Amanda Charlin | (424) 220-8060 |

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month this May, Dr. Daniel Taheri will provide free skin cancer screenings in all 23 LA Laser and Skin Center locations across California, Arizona, and Nevada. Full body skin cancer screenings are the first line of defense against skin cancer. Regular screenings ensure that abnormal growths on the skin are detected before they progress into dangerous skin conditions. When detected and treated early, skin cancer has one of the highest cure rates among all types of cancer. Dr. Taheri recommends that patients receive a full body skin cancer screening at least once a year, but every six months is ideal, especially for those over 50. Patients who receive a free skin cancer screening at LA Laser and Skin Center can expect a quick and painless 10-15 minute full body exam. A skin cancer specialist will check the entire body for abnormal looking moles and spots, paying close attention to size, color, border, and shape. If anything looks suspicious, a biopsy will be ordered. In many cases, the LA Laser and Skin Center team can complete biopsies on the same day as skin cancer screening appointments, eliminating the need for extra office visits. After biopsies are taken, the skin tissues are sent to a lab for testing. Soon after, a specialist will contact patients to discuss the results. Sometimes, LA Laser and Skin Center requires patients to return to the doctor’s office to receive test results. This guarantees that every detail about the diagnosis as well as suggestions for the next steps in treatment are thoroughly addressed.

When Dr. Taheri must deliver a skin cancer diagnosis, the compassionate and caring specialists at LA Laser and Skin Center jump to action with state of the art treatment options. In particular, the practice is renowned for their specialized approach to Mohs micrographic surgery, a lifesaving skin cancer removal procedure performed exclusively by licensed Mohs surgeons. The skilled surgical team at LA Laser and Skin Center combines cutting edge Mohs techniques with innovative plastic surgery methods to improve patient recovery after surgery, minimizing scarring and reducing the occurrence of complications. That’s why so many choose Dr. Taheri for skin cancer treatment. From diagnosis to recovery, the dedicated LA Laser and Skin Center team offers the most comprehensive care available.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free skin cancer screening at LA Laser and Skin Center during Skin Cancer Awareness Month this May, please call 1-800-501-3376 or visit