With several anti-immigrant bills still alive in the State Legislature, a Latino activist group is threatening to revive a national boycott of Arizona. Somos America hand delivered a letter to Governor Doug Ducey Wednesday, mentioning a task force studying the feasibility of a boycott.

Roberto Reveles says, all told, these measures are intended to make life so miserable for immigrants they’ll self-deport. Despite that, Reveles says, the open is still open to talking with the Governor, unless Ducey signs the bills into law.

Ducey has already signed a bill denying illegal immigrants probation or suspended sentences, even for misdemeanors. Another unsigned bill bars cities from withholding immigrant information from the state, and yet another piece of legislation would make undocumented defendants pay all of their legal bills.

Leading Arizona business groups say in a statement they condemn any talk of an Arizona boycott, because, they claim it causes more harm than good, and even backfires in the face of those orchestrating these actions.

–Barbara Villa