download (1)The Arizona Department of Revenue’s License Compliance Unit is coming to Lake Havasu City next month to go business-to-business to verify they are licensed properly. They suggested the city let businesses know beforehand, so it isn’t a surprise and the businesses know they are legitimate. The attached notice will be handed out at the business license window at City Hall and cards will be mailed/emailed to the city’s listed license holders.

Attention Lake Havasu City Businesses: The Arizona Department of Revenue’s License Compliance Unit will be canvassing businesses in Lake Havasu City on April 8th through April 10th, April 15th through April 17th, and April 22nd through April 24th, 2015. They will be going business-to-business verifying each has a state and city TPT license. They will license and collect fees from unlicensed businesses on the spot. They will also be available to answer questions regarding licensing and filing requirements. In addition to licensing, they add program cities to state licenses and collect fees. They will also update demographic information and, if the business would like, collect delinquent tax returns and A/R balances. Businesses with licensing questions for Arizona Department of Revenue’s License Compliance Unit may call the following:  Dolores or Emily: (602)716-6108  Patricia: (602)716-6157 As a reminder, Lake Havasu City code 5.04.050 states, “The holder of a business license shall at all times display the license in a conspicuous place at the regular place of business within the city. In cases where there is no fixed location, the licensee shall possess the business license whenever conducting business.” Also, Arizona law requires that your TPT license be displayed wherever you do business. Posting the license at all times avoids delays while conducting business when department representatives make compliance checks to verify that vendors are licensed. If you have any questions regarding Lake Havasu City business licensing, please call our business license department at (928)453-4153. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Sincerely, Roscoe Hanlon Sales Tax Analyst (928)854-0742