speed limit changesBULLHEAD CITY–Motorists traveling on North Oatman Road will now notice a speed limit increase. The speed limit has increased by five miles per hour on a section of the roadway.

North Oatman Road between Bullhead Parkway and Ricca Road (near St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church) was previously posted for 40 mph speed limit. City staff was asked to review if the posted speed limit was appropriate.
As per established industry standards, a speed study was conducted by Public Works staff.

When a speed study for determining posted speed is conducted, staff measure speed of vehicles and calculate an 85th percentile. The 85th percentile is the speed ABOVE which more than 85 percent vehicles are traveling. This speed study indicated that 85th percentile was over 50 mph. Public Works staff also investigated accident history and road geometry.

Staff from Public Works and Police Department determined that 45 mph was prudent and the posted speed limit was increased from 40 mph to 45 mph. There is no change in the 25 mph posted speed limit between Ricca Road and Highway 95 due to the narrower road, vertical curves and business access in that section of North Oatman Road.

Only the section between Ricca Road and Bullhead Parkway is now posted at 45 mph.

For more information, call the City of Bullhead Public Works at 928-763-0128.