D-P-S won’t call this a pursuit. But State Trooper Tim Case says they made sure a speeding motorcyclist didn’t get out of their sight in the wee hours of Wednesday morning before the rush hour. Case says the motorcyclist quickly got the attention of D-P-S after he raced past a Trooper on

eastbound Interstate 10 at 16th Street. The Trooper phoned in the incident and, luckily an air unit was in the area to pick up the monitoring.

The says, the suspect was going so fast, the helicopter flying overhead at 150 miles per hour and clocking him was struggling just to keep up with him. The hour long escapade ended when the motorcyclist got to his destination in Mesa where he was arrested and booked into jail. No one was hurt, and Case emphasizes, at no time did anyone chase the suspect.

–Barbara Villa