Authorities have released the identity of the suspect who went on a shooting spree along the Beeline Highway.  Spokesman Bart Graves with the Department of Public Safety says James David Walker fired shots at passing cars with an “AR-15 rifle” while sitting on the side of the road. Walker ended up

shooting two people, one victim was grazed in the head by a bullet and the other person was shot in the leg.  Walker also shot one of the victim’s cars which set it ablaze. 

Walker fired off a round into a trooper’s patrol car that was clearly marked and then led police on a wild chase when he fled from the scene.  The suspect car-jacked someone’s vehicle in an attempt to escape. He eluded police for a couple hours, but troopers located the car-jacked vehicle in a ditch.  The suspect was later found lying on the ground in a fetal position near the ditch.  A stretch of the Beeline highway was closed for several hours during the investigation.  Walker was taken into custody facing a slew of charges. Before Walker was jailed, he received medical treatment from dog bites he sustained during his arrest. It’s unclear whether the suspect was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Kris Dugan