The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for those heading into Mexico.  Spokeswoman Michelle Donati with AAA-Arizona says due to safety and security threats posed by organized criminal groups in Mexico, it’s risky business to travel south of the border.  “U.S. citizens have been victims of

violent crimes from homicide, kidnappings, car-jackings, robberies by organized criminal groups in various Mexican states.”  The travel advisory specifically calls out U.S. citizens to limit travel to main roads during daylight hours and avoid back-roads or nighttime travel.  Once you arrive in Mexico, avoid becoming a target by putting away the flash.  Do not wear expensive jewelry or clothing and hide the expensive cameras and phones.  Flashing your wealth in places such as Rocky Point, Cancun or Cozumel is a surefire way to catch a spotlight from criminals.  Not only is Rocky Point dangerous for American citizens, Sonora is also a hotbed for human trafficking.  According to the  State Department, because the “location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable,” deferring travel to Mexico is best. 

Kris Dugan