Greg Miller, the former president of the Arizona Board of Education, resigned recently, citing a bitter feud with Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. Douglas responded to that on “Arizona Horizon.

“I’m just honored to be working on that board and I’m delighted to whomever is on that board. We had a great meeting Monday, we had two new board members and we’ll move ahead.” Miller said that he resigned because Douglas would not cooperate with the board. “I can’t imagine what he meant by that. I was at virtually every meeting I could attend. The department of education is proudly at every board meeting and supplying the board with whatever information that ask for or need.” On other education issues, Douglas says she hopes proposition 123 money is going to raise teacher pay, and she believes in local school board control, but…. “This is one case where I would have like to have seen them have a mandate that either goes to increased teacher salaries or reduced classroom size.” A recent survey showed that 53 percent of those questioned thought Douglas was doing a below average or poor job. “Love to hear who funded that poll but you know what I promised the citizens of Arizona what I’d do when I asked for their vote. I intend to keep up with that.”

Mike Sauceda