A  D-P-S trooper  shot and killed a cow rambling on a freeway Wednesday night. Bart Graves with D-P-S says the animal had escaped from a cattle truck that ran into a flat tire, and simply walked out the back door  to freedom. The sighting of a cow on the freeway prompted numerous calls into 9-1-1.

Graves says troopers managed to get the cow off the road at U.S. 60 and westbound Interstate 10 only to wander back into traffic. And, he adds, something had to be done before someone got hurt or killed.

Graves notes all the hazards involved: you had a black cow at night wandering on a freeway where the speed limit is 65 miles per hour. In addition to the poor visibility, he says, a collision with such a large animal would’ve led to certain deadly injuries for commuters..

Graves says D-P-S informed the truck driver the cow had been shot before it was euthanized. Graves adds, tranquilizing the animal would not have made any difference since it had already been shot.