stetson twoGrapes grown in the desert north of Kingman have produced their first bottled wine at the Stetson Winery and Event Center at Valle Vista. Owners Don and Jo Stetson opened their business in November, 2012 but they’ve had to wait for grapes to mature to be ready for winemaking.

Jo said they had a wonderful reception in January when they introduced “Unbridled”, a red zinfandel newly native to northwest Arizona. And Don said he and his wife are pleased with the initial fruit of their labor and investment.

“It has some aromas of cranberry, cherry and a hint of herbs,” Don said, in describing the new wine. “It’s got a touch of blood orange and a structured acidity.”

Don said an early harvest sampling of the red zinfandel grapes led to production of about 20 cases of Unbridled. He said future harvests of the same grapes will make even better wine going forward.

 Other maturing Stetson Winery grape crops will lead to more varieties of wines being available in 2017.

“We’ve got cabernet. We have merlot and we have some chardonnay,” Don said.

 For now, Unbridled can be purchased by the glass and bottle on site, about a 20 minute drive from Kingman.