Bullhead City is adding a major piece of heavy equipment to its street maintenance arsenal. A July 5 Bullhead City council vote authorized an expenditure of more than $432,000 for the purchase of a new Rayner RoadSaver 3G Slurry/Microsurfacing Machine.

City Manager Toby Cotter said the apparatus will help Bullhead City pursue its ambitious goal of resurfacing up to 20% of its street network each year. “The only way to accomplish this is to have our staff dedicated to slurry seal and microsurface our streets,” Cotter told council members.

Cotter said the RoadSaver won’t be delivered for 120 days. He said the manufacturer will assemble the unit in Sacramento, California.

Public Works Director Pawan Agrawal said Rayner will help train Bullhead City personnel to operate the street paving beast. He said they’ll resurface some parking lots as a training ground before putting the equipment to work on city streets, possibly as early as October.