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On Wednesday, November 2nd, Kingman Police negotiators were able to talk a 36 year old Kingman man off of a cliff.

At 3:30pm KPD received a 911 call that a silver 4×4 vehicle had driven off of a cliff in the area of the 2100blk of Hualapai Mountain Rd. along the railroad tracks. It was also reported that the male driver had been thrown or rolled out of the vehicle.

Officers arrived and discovered a 36 year old Kingman man (name withheld) on top of a cliff edge. The man was obviously despondent and making threats to jump. Officers began talking to the subject, attempting to convince him to step away from the cliff edge.

Officers, who were harnessed to a rope, were able to get within 20 feet of the subject, on an adjoining cliff face where able to continue dialogue with the subject. At about 5:10pm the subject agreed to walk with the officer, away from the cliff edge, where he was taken into protective custody and transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

The subject, who was despondent and talking about suicide, is believed to have been under the influence of drugs at the time. Based on evidence at scene and the physical condition of the subject it does not appear that he was in the vehicle when it went off the cliff.

The vehicle sustained severe damage and remains on the hillside.

During the incident the Kingman Police Department received assistance from the Kingman Fire Department and the MCSO Search and Rescue.

KPD would like to additionally acknowledge the actions of Det. Adam Parrott and Ofc. Phil Hudgens who continued to carry on a conversation with the subject while they themselves were in a hazardous position. As a result of their actions and concern for the subject’s welfare, this incident had a successful conclusion.

It is believed that the property belongs to the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad Company (BNSF). Investigators will be coordinating with BNSF for removal of the vehicle. Charges are pending conclusion of the ongoing investigation.