power outageHigh winds Sunday morning blew a salt cedar tree into a power line causing an outage for 695 Mohave Electric members in Mohave Valley at 5:05 am. Crews responded to the area and located the tree leaning on a power line. After about 30 minutes of tree trimming, the line was cleared and a substation relay was closed, allowing the circuit to be energized. Power was restored at 7:00 am, and crews remained in the area visually inspecting other lines.  The biggest effect on our system with wind events such as those we sustained over the weekend  comes from objects such as awnings and trees blowing into the lines. When these objects make contact with the power lines, the system’s protection devices, such as fuses and breakers, operate and cause an outage to guard against additional equipment damage,” said Rick Campos, MEC’s Manager of Engineering and Operations. “With the winter winds upon us, this is a good time to remind members to review tree and power line safety practices. A brochure is available at our Member Service Office and on our website,www.mohaveelectric.com under the Member Services tab,” explained Campos.