Super Bowl 49 lives on at Tolleson High School.  Principal Ernie Molina says the field that saw the New England Patriots crush the Seattle Seahawks has been donated to the Tolleson High Football team. Representatives from the University of Phoenix checked out the Tolleson football field and questioned the staff on

whether they had the capacity to care for the field.  Molina says they must have answered the questions right because the field that was used by the NFL greats during the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl 49 has been rolled out at Tolleson High.  Molina says “it means the world” to the community “to see the donation of the football field, absolutely warms my heart and blesses me beyond belief.” 

You can still see the Patriots and Seahawks logos grace the field, along with the celebratory confetti and glitter.  Molina says he believes the players will up their game on this field, but still have to put in the hard work.  Just in case a few die hard fans are looking for a memento from Super Bowl 49, cameras are pointing at the field at all times.

Kris Dugan