There’s nothing SUPER about posting credentials on Facebook!  Valley DJ Russ Knight lost a gig working the Super Bowl after posting his credentials on Facebook.  Knight says he managed to keep it a secret that he was working the Super Bowl since October, but the minute his credentials came in, he posted

a picture of the most coveted sports pass in the country.  Within minutes of posting the pic, Knight was warned by some friends to take the picture down as the NFL has a very strict policy concerning its credentials.  Knight deleted the post immediately, but the damage was done.  The following day, the NFL called and told him there was a problem with his credentials and needed to come to the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Knight knew his dreams of working the Super Bowl had been deflated.

Knight turned in his credentials and says “it felt like a kick in the stomach.”  He says he has only himself to blame and understands why the NFL stripped him of his pass.  Knight admits “he’s the fool who didn’t read the fine print on the back,” but also sees there’s a positive side to his sad story.  He says several people have contacted him saying his colossal mistake saved them from making the same huge mistake of posting their Super Bowl credentials on Facebook.  Knight sent an apology to the NFL and still plans to watch the big game.  Knight jokes his friends and family will remind him of this “idiot” move for the rest of his life.

Kris Dugan