pass up your chance to score big bucks next month with the Super Bowl
coming into town.  Football fans from across the country are flocking to
the Valley and needing a place to stay.  The hot ticket item could be
your house.  If you’re thinking about renting out your house or condo
for the Super Bowl,

Attorney and Real Estate agent extraordinaire Errol
Shifman wants to make sure you don’t get played.  

says there are several things that come into play when deciding to rent
out your home.  First, if you have an HOA, you have to make sure the
home owners association allows short-term property rentals.  Depending
on the city you live in, there may be zoning issues
.  There may be a business tax involved or a privilege “sales” tax when renting out your house.

It’s key to remember that your Homeowners Insurance will not cover damage by
your tenants and you will
need a damage deposit of 1.5 times the
amount of the rent. 

Don’t cry foul if you don’t do a background check on any potential renters.   Shifman is hosting an
informative seminar about renting out your home for the week of the
Super Bowl where you will learn everything about protecting your home and avoiding potential risks of renting your

The seminar will be Tuesday, January 6th, 7-8pm at the Driggs Title Agency a 7975 N. Hayden Road, Suite C-200 in Scottsdale.

Kris Dugan