A safe Super Bowl is a happy Super Bowl. And public safety officials, local to federal, will be working together under one roof to ensure the period surrounding the game is incident-free. Phoenix Fire Captain Benjamin Santillan helped unveil the new unified command center Friday conducting media tours of the facility.

Santillan says first responders from 200 agencies are sharing information and coordinating activities. They include participants from Homeland Security, to FEMA, various police and fire departments and ADOT, to name a few. He says it all boils down to eliminating any chance for miscommunication, ensuring everyone is on the same page and disseminating pertinent information within seconds.

Santillan says the game plan includes boots on the ground, aerial surveillance and two thousand cameras spread out over Phoenix. Although the Super Bowl isn’t for another weekend, the center gets into gear Saturday in time for Sunday’s Pro Bowl at the University of Phoenix stadium.

–Barbara Villa