Arizona’s Super Bowl fans will be reminded of police shootings involving blacks on game day. Tuesday kicked off the “Black Lives Matter” campaign leading up to Super Bowl day, February 1st, with a protest expected outside University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, where leaders say, “the whole world will be watching”.

The Reverend Reginald Walton says, it’s about making sure the public gets the no police brutality message loud and clear. “We do not want to disrupt the Super Bowl,” notes Walton. ““We just want to bring attention to this issue.” Walton would not detail how the protest will unfold, but does not rule out tactics such as protesters lying on the ground in a so-called “die-in”.

As the civil rights countdown continues, Walton says, from now to Super Bowl day, activists will be putting any police shooting of blacks in the U.S, in his words, “under the microscope”. He also issued demands directed to the City of Phoenix, including the appointment of an “independent” prosecutor to look into police shootings of black people,  sponsoring of racial profiling hearings in “key communities” and the hiring of more black police officers.

–Barbara Villa