Arizona Schools Superintendent Diane Douglas announced her education funding proposal she says evolved from public feedback she received from a state-wide “We Are Listening” tour earlier this year. Douglas says her plan can immediately get an additional 400 million dollars into

education, and it’s something we can permanently every year. But it would take a special session from Governor Doug Ducey to get the plan started.

Douglas says the money would be used for teacher salaries, classrooms, or both as local school districts see fit. She says they’re the ones with the best judgment on how the dollars should be applied.

Douglas also wants to see the forgiveness of student loans for teachers, enabling children to be multi-lingual, utilizing phonics in class and significantly raising standards in areas such as math, science and civics. Douglas says she’d also borrow from Govenror Ducey’s idea to utilize state land trust money for education and combine that with existing revenues to ensure the 400 million annual payout is available

The Superintendent did not overlook the Common Core standards she still distains, calling on the Board of Education to sever ties with the federal government and revoke the standards in Arizona. Arizona News Radio asked, if she wants to sway attitudes of a panel she continues sparring with, why continue refusing to attend Board meetings. She replied, the day Common Core revocation appears on a Board agenda, she’ll be there, but until then, there’s no point attending.

—Barbara Villa