Embattled Arizona Schools Chief Diane Douglas finally talks to reporters Friday to address her controversial firings of two top school board officials.  While standing by her actions, she also says it’s clear the law is ambiguous and “this ambiguity has created an unnecessary conflict in my opinion between three

public bodies that area all dedicated to serving our children.” She goes on to say “It’s obvious there is ambiguity in the statutory language on the board of education, its relationship to the Arizona Department of Education, specifically in regards to staff.”  Douglas says, despite that ambiguity, she still has the right to fire the board officials.  In fact, she claims to be “certain that the authority rests with the Department of Education and the Superintendent, but we will make sure that anything is resolved and clarified.”
Meanwhile, Douglas is reaching out to Governor Ducey to find ways to fix this issue without taking it to court.  She adds, “I’m confident that by working with the governor and legislature, we can fix this with simple legislature and not litigation.” 

Barbara Villa/kd