Steve Moss’ appointment as Division 3 Mohave County Superior Court Judge will create a vacancy on the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. The Fort Mohave republican said Tuesday that he will resign his District 5 supervisors seat with about 3.5 years remaining in his second four-year term.

Moss said he’ll soon sign the judicial loyalty oath and engage in some job-shadowing.

“I will monitor other judges for a day or two and sometime soon—the soonest would be Monday of next week—I’ll actually be on the bench and rendering decisions,” Moss said.

Moss said the Board of Supervisors should have no trouble finding a suitable successor for District 5 supervisor. “There are at least 20 good people who I can think of off the cuff who I think would do an outstanding job.”

Moss said he enjoyed his time as supervisor and now looks forward to a new chapter in his legal career.

“I’m fairly young which means that I have two or three decades left of public service and I hope this experience and this coming experience will help me become a better community servant,” Moss said.