The U.S. Supreme Court rules that subsidies under Obama Care are allowed to continue, whether they come from a state-run health care exchange or the broader federal Marketplace, of the latter of which covers Arizona.

Arizonans like Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs are happy with the high court’s six to three ruling. The Phoenix Democrat says it means critical coverage for 125,000 Arizonans without which they would suffer if not for the tax credits.

A different story from Naomi Lopez-Bauman, who’s “disappointed” in the ruling. Lopez-Bauman with the Goldwater Institute says an enormous amount of work needs to be done with the Affordable Care act. That means, she says, getting Congress to find measures to make the system “more respectable to taxpayers, provide for the truly needy, and address health care costs”, which she says continue skyrocketing.

Hobbs and Lopez-Bauman both predict there will be attempts to reform the system in 2017.

–Barbara Villa