Phoenix Police arrest a woman for murder after the body of another woman is found in her apartment on 15th Avenue and Missouri. Sergeant Trent Crump says officers responded to two 911 calls about someone dead and found the woman lying on a sofa covered with a towel.

Crump says the resident, 39 year old Anitra Braxton (pictured) admitted to police she killed the unidentified woman. Braxton’s reason, according to Crump, “the victim was not right with God.” He adds Braxton left the body on the sofa, “as a shrine”.

Braxton estimates the murder occurred December 24th. Crump says the victim was killed by a single gunshot to the head. Braxton’s family tells police she is mentally ill. Crump says she was cooperative with police, but when they ask for the victim’s identity, she gives them her name.

Braxton also claims the victim was pregnant. If that’s the case, Crump says, there could be an additional murder charge.

Braxton  is being held for first degree murder on a 750-thousand dollar bond.

–Barbara Villa