A man involved in a hit and run accident in San Tan Valley is dead after a deputy involved shooting.  Deputies were in hot pursuit of a 55-year-old man who crashed into a car and took off.  Sheriff Paul Babeu says the suspect was forced to turn around when he came across a cement barrier.  Instead of

surrendering, the suspect did “donuts” in his car and then charged the patrol cars with his vehicle.  The suspect backed up and when it appeared he was about to give in, the suspect charged the officers again head-on.  Two deputies and a lieutenant fired off shots and the suspect averted authorities and swerved into an empty field several yards away.  Deputies then surrounded the car and discovered the suspect was dead, likely by gunfire.  On deputy suffered minor injuries wen the suspect crashed into his patrol car head-on.  The initial hit and run accident that set off the pursuit was minor with passengers suffering from little aches and pains. An investigation into the suspect’s background, criminal history and toxicology tests are underway.

Kris Dugan