The suspect being questioned for shooting a deputy during a traffic stop last week has committed suicide.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies confronted a 51-year-old man at his apartment complex last night when it suddenly took a “bizarre” turn.  He says, before deputies had a chance

to talk to the suspect, he grabbed a rifle and shot himself dead. Another twist in the story comes from vengeance.  Arpaio says it turns out the suspect was pulled over for a DUI last weekend about four hours before the deputy was shot by someone in a silver Cadillac.  The suspect was arrested for drunk driving, processed and then sent home in a cab.  A few hours later, a silver Cadillac was seen casing the DUI Command Center and then a deputy was ambushed and shot multiple times during a routine traffic stop. Arpaio says he’s pretty confident the suspect who killed himself is the suspect who shot the deputy.  Arpaio went on to deride Washington and it’s failure to protect law enforcement because there is a “war on cops” across the nation.

Kris Dugan