A Federal warrant has been issued for the suspect accused of shooting and killing a retired officer at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino on Christmas Eve.  Detective Robert Hawkes says 47-year-old John Campos, Sr. has been identified as the man who shot retired Bakersfield police officer, 52-year-old

Frank Pascua. Multiple calls were made about a “suspicious” person roaming the parking lot of the casino.  It appears Pascua was attempting to prevent the suspect from committing a crime when the two struggled and Campos shot the retired cop and killed him.  Initial reports revealed the car was registered to Frank Rojas.  After intense media scrutiny, Rojas was found and cleared of the crime.  However, it turns out that Rojas’ father-in-law John Campos, Sr. was driving his son-in-law’s car.  Plus, Rojas and Campos are very similar in appearance as both are Hispanic men covered in tattoo’s from the neck down.    Campos got away from the scene after car-jacking a car that he later ditched.Campos is armed and dangerous.  Anyone with information is asked to call 9-1-1.        

Kris Dugan