Joseph Pagel (1)The Mohave High School math teacher charged earlier this month with attempted sexual conduct with a minor and several other criminal charges in connection with some inappropriate conduct he allegedly had with students was the subject of a similar investigation at his previous teaching job in Idaho. The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office in the northern Idaho town of Wallace initiated an investigation into the activities of Joseph James Pagel, 33, and a student aide in 2010.

Detectives in the Idaho case never filed any criminal charges because the student aide was 18-years old at the time they engaged in a sexual relationship.

Pagel, who was a teacher at Wallace High School, first became friends with the student the previous school year. The sheriff’s office had been told of the teachers conduct by the student’s mother after she could not convince Pagel to voluntarily end the relationship. The student told Idaho investigators that she and Pagel had actually became friends the previous school year and grew closer together over time but sexual activity did not start until she was no longer a minor. The two reportedly exchanged texts, spent time together in and outside of school, including holding hands and kissing. The investigators could not establish that any crime had been committed by Pagel and therefore no criminal charges were ever filed.

The student’s mother only learned of her daughter’s relationship with the teacher when she found several text that Pagel had sent her daughter on her cell phone.

After Pagel left his position at Wallace High School, he was hired as a math teacher at Mohave High School. He is currently on paid administrative leave as administrators conduct an internal investigation into allegations he had inappropriate relationships with several students.

Pagel was arrested by Bullhead City police on Mar. 13 after concluding their investigation into reports that Pagel not only attempted to lure a female student into performing oral sex on him, but that he also invited several students to his house and smoked marijuana with them multiple times.

Bullhead City police have been forwarded a copy of the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office report.