A swarm of bees trap children on a school bus in Yuma.  Somerton-Cocopah Fire Department spokesman Robby Rodriguez says about 20 students were trapped inside a school bus after bees swarmed near the retractable door of the bus.  He says the bees covered the outside of the accordion door making it impossible for

the kids to get off the bus.  He says “it was just a big carpet of bees covering that part of the bus which was about eight-feet long by four-feet wide” of bees.  Fire crews ran a thick foam solution that’s similar to “shaving cream” on the bees.  It appears the bees were building a hive underneath the hood of the bus near the engine compartment.  The kids were able to get on the bus, but when the engine heated up while driving, the bees let loose trapping the children inside.  No one was stung and all the kids got home safely. 

Kris Dugan