“National That Sucks Day” goes hand in hand with all things lousy, annoying, maybe a little sad and just plain crummy.  There are two things that are certain in life – Death and Taxes.  Tax Day is when hard-working Americans write a check to Uncle Sam’s so-called land of the free by paying taxes or be subjected to an audit

or a lengthy prison sentence.  Other things that happened on this date in history that make you groan and sigh with regret include:

1861 – President Abraham Lincoln calls for 75,000 Volunteers to quell the insurrection that soon became the American Civil War.

1865 – President Abraham Lincoln is shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth while attending the play, “Our American Cousin,” at Ford’s Theatre.

1912 – The ship that couldn’t sink!  The Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as the band plays on.

1952 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

2013 – Boston Marathon Bombings

However, there have been one or two good things that have managed to overcome the misfortune of occuring on this dreadful day.

1738 – Bottle opener invented – that’s a win for beer drinkers and wine lovers.

1896 – 1st Olympic games close at Athens, Greece

1923 – Insulin becomes generally available for diabetics

1947 – Jackie Robinson becomes 1st African-American to play in US major league baseball (Dodgers)

Kris Dugan