taxIt’ll be at least a month or more before the Kingman City Council decides how much money it wants to generate and what the levy would be for the primary property tax proposal it’s putting on the special election ballot next May.  As the council initiated that discussion during its November 3 meeting, a few residents voiced preliminary opposition to a primary property tax.

“I suggest we make the half-cent sales tax (increase) permanent and don’t put this property tax on us homeowners,” George Cook said. Another speaker agreed that it would be better to let tourists and visitors pay more sales tax rather than burden locals with a property tax.

Mayor Richard Anderson asserted that statistics prove that evolving shopping patterns and cyclical economics make sales tax a less reliable vehicle for revenue generation.

“If we continue depending on sales tax, even if we increase it, what you’ve seen in the last nine years is people are buying more on-line or they’re buying someplace else because maybe we don’t have the consumer retail infrastructure here to collect the dollars,” Anderson said. “That’s part of the problem we’re looking at.”

Anderson said he believes a primary property tax to be necessary to diversify and stabilize the municipal revenue stream.