download (18)The Arizona Department of Revenue is holding a Taxpayer Outreach Q & A meeting on January 14, 2015 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm at the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce (lower level auditorium) located at 1251 Highway 95, Bullhead City, AZ. Please RSVP to with number of people attending from your business. 


The State of Arizona and its Cities and Towns continue to work together to achieve the goal of simplifying the manner in which taxpayers report and pay their Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT).  We want to ensure that there is a smooth transition in reporting and paying all TPT transactions. Working toward this end, the Arizona Department of Revenue is requiring all State TPT taxpayers to renew their licenses with the Department and continue to renew their licenses with the appropriate City. Both the State and the Cities are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.  We are confident these changes will make it easier for Arizona businesses to report their State, County and City TPT taxes.

Bullhead City is Returning to the State Collection System Effective January 1, 2015 to simplify sales tax collections.

The City of Bullhead City is returning to the state collection system.  Starting with your January 2015 reporting period, you will use the state tax form TPT-1 to file and submit with payment to the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR). For TPT reporting periods prior to January 2015 use the Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS) tax form.  This includes the tax return for reporting period December 2014 due in January 2015.  Mail the RDS tax return and payment to RDS.

State Annual License Renewal of TPT is Due January 1, 2015

Every business licensed with the Arizona Department of Revenue is required to renew their Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) license.  The license for both the State and the program cities is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed by January 1st every year.  In November 2014, Arizona began mailing renewal forms and instructions to licensed TPT taxpayers.  If you received an Arizona TPT Renewal form, please follow the instructions for completing and mailing of the form.  There is no fee for renewal of your State or Bullhead City TPT license.  If you are currently licensed and you do not receive a TPT renewal form by December 31, 2014, or if you require assistance with your renewal form please call the TPT Simplification Hotline at (602) 542-5027. If you are not currently licensed with Arizona you will need to complete Arizona Joint Tax Application Form JT-1 to apply for a TPT license.  The fee for a new TPT license or for locations not currently licensed with Arizona is $12.00 for each location plus any applicable city license fees.

Transaction Privilege Tax Changes and Forms

Effective January 1, 2015, there are changes to prime contracting, residential rental, filing frequency, due date, audit, business codes and deduction codes.

This information is available at

Forms and instructions are available at

Or, you may call the TPT Simplification Hotline at (602) 542-5027.