Shanesha Taylor’s trial on child abuse charges has been moved up.  Originally scheduled to begin next Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Michael Kemp approved delaying it to February 24th.  Taylor, on trial for leaving her kids alone in a hot car, says it’s the breather she needs to get her case organized.

Taylor says of the new trial date, “that means we can go back in and renegotiate better terms. It means we can refocus the case on the issue at hand: a single mother who did not have a home or a job, who was trying to provide for her children on that day.”

Taylor was arrested last March for leaving her children in the hot car while on a job interview with no babysitter on hand to watch the kids. The case touched off a firestorm of sympathy online with Taylor’s tearful mugshot and an outpouring of cash for support streaming in to total $114,000.

Taylor, who failed a plea deal to set up her children’s trust funds, denies spending donations on frivolities. Including, she says, using that money to pay for her boyfriend’s rap recordings, an idea she says, “is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

She also remains unemployed and says her notoriety is only making the job hunt more difficult. But she declares, “the truth” about her “will come to light”.

—Barbara Villa