Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies believe they have identified the boy who killed teenage runway Leah Costa.  Fifteen-year-old Leah Costa ran away from home on Christmas Eve with her boyfriend 17-year-old Robert Duffell.  Officer Chris Hegstrom with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says DPS found Duffell

walking alone along Interstate-10 acting disoriented a couple days after Christmas. It was soon discovered, Duffell had shot Costa in the head and killed her.  Duffell reportedly confessed police he killed his girlfriend.  Hegstrom says deputies have questioned Duffell and have yet to come up with a “concrete” reason as to why he shot her.   

Hegstrom says campers in the Saddle Mountain Recreational Area alerted police to a body found Monday in the Tonopah desert, and it’s believed the remains are Costa’s.

Duffell faces will be charged as an adult and he faces First Degree Murder charges.  He also faces charges of Aggravated Assault and Burglary stemming from a home break-in the day after Christmas.

Kris Dugan