SCAMMohave County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a telephone scam.  A resident of Kingman reported being taken for $1,200.  The victim reported that the caller said they are with Publishing Clearing House and they had won money.  The victim advised the call came from Kingston, Jamaica.  As instructed, the victim called 866-996-5997 and entered code 292147.  After the code was entered, the victim was advised to send a Western Union for $208.00 in order to free up the tax form.  For the next few days, the caller kept calling them with further instructions.  The victim said everything sounded legit and the caller said they needed their credit card number as their winnings would be deposited on their credit card.  The victim sent another Western Union money gram as instructed for $1,100.00.  Eventually, the phone calls stopped and the victim was unable to contact the caller. The victim said they took it upon themselves to call Publishing Clearing House at another phone number and the victims were informed that they don’t conduct business that way.  Deputies advised the victim to cancel the credit card in which they provided to the scammers. Another resident of Kingman also received the same type of call, but in this case the caller wanted $1,500.00 which the resident did not have. This is a scam and the Sheriff’s Office advises you to hang-up and never give personal information over the phone or the computer. Also, never send money via wire transfers or money cards.  If you suspect fraud, contact your local law enforcement office.