The company that manages what many people call the “old Safeway Shopping Center” is marketing the property on Stockton Hill Road in Kingman. Borg Property Services President Bret Borg said he is optimistic about filling some of the vacant spaces with new commercial enterprises.

“We’ve got about 10 or 12 really strong prospective tenants that we’re talking to right now. I can’t reveal specific names because we’re not inked,” Borg said. “I can tell you that we’ve gone back and forth with two that are very close to being done…We’re very close to landing a new anchor tenant for the old Hastings space. We’re also very close to inking a deal with a new national restaurant.”

Borg said the 3,500-to 5,000 square foot restaurant is planned for the back of the property where two new motels will be constructed just south of Interstate 40.

Contractor T.R. Orr should be finished by early June, if not sooner, with an exterior makeover of the commercial structures in the shopping center. The front face of the buildings are being extended to provide a more welcoming, covered patio-porch entryway.

Shopping center sidewalks have been replaced and other improvements are planned as well.

“We’ll have a new monument sign going up in the next couple to three weeks that will have spaces for every store. We didn’t have that before so every store will have some visibility from the new monument sign,” Borg said. “We’ll do a whole brand new parking lot as well sometime in the next two years.”

Other plans call for a fast food eatery in the parking lot fronting Stockton Hill road, between the fuel station and where the Steakhouse used to be. Borg said new space will be constructed to suit clients interested in locating where the Steakhouse once stood.