DodgersGamePic4NewsMediaTennessee Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill, a 69 year-old Vietnam veteran, completed his 3,200-mile coast-to-coast national prayer walk at Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific coast, April 29, 2015.  As the result of carrying his American flag “from sea to shining sea,” he was honored as a Military Hero of the Game at the Dodgers vs. Brewers National League game, Sunday, July 12th, at Dodger Stadium.  McGill spent over 2 years in the Vietnam War serving as a US Air Force communications-navigations technician.

The pastor is seeking to have his “cross country flag” enshrined at the National Museum of American History after being the first American flag ever to be hand-carried coast-to-coast by a veteran.  He shouldered his large American flag the full distance from Atlantic to Pacific and saluted every passing motorist on the walk route as a gesture of honor and respect for his fellow Americans.  Pastor McGill hopes to gather citizen support at his US Flag Petition online.

You may read about McGill’s trek and historic “cross-country flag” at .

Contact McGill by calling 800-754-8021.