Why did Glenn Franklin Jones turn on Joshua Bruce Cluff when they had allegedly conspired to plan a “terror attack” against the government that they didn’t carry out? That’s a key question not answered in court records that shine new light on the relationship between the men who worked together in the medical industry in Panaca.

After losing his job in Panaca, Jones, 59, took up residency in Kingman, Arizona in February.    Jones allegedly drove a rental car from Arizona to Panaca where he blew up Cluff’s house on July 13.

Search warrant documents at the Mohave County courthouse in Kingman stated that Jones warned Cluff’s wife to get out of the house before it blew up. The Clark County coroner’s office reportedly determined that Jones shot and killed himself before the house blast, and the explosion that destroyed his rental car parked outside the home, showering debris over a one mile radius.

The Zuni Village RV park where Jones resided in Kingman was evacuated on July 14 and 15 as bomb squad personnel worked to safely remove explosives located inside the RV Jones parked in space #69. Kingman police said more than a dozen improvised explosive devices (IED’s) in various configurations and stages of completion were located in the RV along with “various hand tools, power tools and materials used in the manufacture of IED’s.”

Court records reveal that several weapons, journals and notebooks were also found in the RV.

“The notebooks contained notes regarding the manufacture of explosive devices as well as diagrams related to the devices,” a probable cause affidavit said. “The notebooks also indicated that at least one explosive device was to be used in a planned terror attack against an unidentified Bureau of Land Management facility on July 4, 2016. The attack did not take place.”

“Glenn Jones indicated in his journals that a subject named ‘Josh’ solicited and financed the construction of the explosive device to be used in the terror attack,” the affidavit stated. “The subject Josh was later identified as Joshua Cluff.”

The seizure list returned after warrants were executed reveal that communications devices found in the RV included a Samsung tablet, a Lenovo tablet, a cell phone and a Verizon jetpack. A GPS unit was also located in the motorhome.

Another GPS unit, handwritten notes, and atlas, “Nevada bank and trust envelopes”, and “four Nevada bank and trust envelopes” were located in the 2007 Saturn Jones left in Kingman when he used the rental car to drive to Panaca.

The search seizure list paperwork also indicated another cell phone, a digital camera and a file with personal information involving Jones’ finances and divorce papers were located in his storage unit at the RV park.