gvfdThe new Comptroller hired to solidify the financial administration of the Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) lasted just six days on the job. J.J. Thornton quit on Monday, gravely disappointing Board Clerk Mark Vanik and Board Chairman Paul Gorham.

“This is a dark day for this fire district,” Gorham said. “We can’t continue down this path.”

Thornton was hired to end a series of embarrassing financial blunders, to serve as a “check and balance” in the district office and to be the third leg of a stool that included the fire district board and Chief Thomas O’Donohue. Yet Gorham said the Kingman resident said she was overwhelmed by dysfunction in less than one pay period.

“I would rather flip burgers at In-N-Out than work for this fire district,” Gorham said Thornton stated when tendering her resignation. Thornton reportedly explained her hasty office exit was the product of a lack of community support, fire board dissension as well as internal and external interference.

Thornton leaves a district that has not resolved its past financial failures while heading into a new budgeting season with a gloomy fiscal forecast prompting consideration of increasing the property tax levy. She leaves a district where personnel matters continue boiling while board support is fading for Chief O’Donohue.