gvfdChairman Paul Gorham and Board member Mark Vanik are ecstatic with the hiring of a new Administrative Manager for the Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD). Word of the personnel addition comes after months of embarrassing publicity and exposure of financial blunders that have a more than year long history. The GVFD has been looking for office help for months and Gorham said Kingman resident Janette Thornton has accepted an employment offer. “She’s got an impressive financial resume that will be of great benefit to the district,” Gorham said. “She’s a no-nonsense person willing to take on the challenge of our district.” Gorham said Thornton’s credentials include more than 30 years of professional accounting and business management experience. “She will manage that office. She will give us what we desperately need as our check and balance system,” Gorham said. “She’ll make sure there are no mistakes, make sure things are running smoothly. She knows how things are supposed to work.” Karen Christensen will reportedly remain in the office in a support rule and a contract accountant will be phased out of the operation by late spring, early summer. Thornton will reportedly begin working for the GVFD in mid-March at an annual salary in the area of $52,000. Gorham said the hiring will stabilize the finance management arena, allowing the Board and staff to address other issues of concern. “This takes one more thing off the plate that this board doesn’t have to worry about,” Gorham said.